Fbk App Club Review

FBK App Club Review Bonuses

Today we offer you something truly amazing in many senses of the word.

It is not often when you can get Facebook marketing softwares that helps to grow your business by the way they operate but also makes you money with very little effort needed.

What do we mean by that? Well, today we invite you to join an exclusive club that allows you to not only get one Fbk marketing software a month but you also get the ability to resell it!

That’s right, you get the resale rights to these awesome tools month after month after month if you stay in the club.

Watch this video...

Each month you will be sent a new software as long as you have made your month payment. Then you can use the tools personally to increase your marketing efforts with automated softwares AND you can resell them for even more money than you have paid to join this exclusive club, much more!

Now obviously there are some rules that will apply to the resale rights on price restrictions but you wouldn’t want to sell these tools for less than you are paying now anyways and you certainly wouldn’t want to give them away because that would be just silly. Correct?

So this is exactly how this is going to work…

  • Today you can get the first software that you just witnessed in the preview video for only $1. No strings attached!
  • Then 24 hours after the $1 purchase you will be rebilled for your monthly membership fee of $67. The preview for that software will be at the bottom of your first tools training manual.
  • Every month thereafter from your purchase anniversary date you will be billed another $67 but you will get at least one and sometimes two new Facebook marketing related softwares.
  • Every month there will be a preview to the next months software that you can expect to receive so that you always know what’s coming next so that you can get your lists excited about it.

Included with every software, every month will be banner ads and sample Facebook ads with images that are already proven to convert, A training manual with a download link and video tutorials, 24/7 support and all.

So all you ever have to do is use the software and sell the software.

We take care of absolutely everything else so you don’t have too.

All these softwares are second to none and were all developed for TJ’s personal use before they were ever made for mass resale so you know they have to be top quality.

Now obviously this offer can’t stay open forever because of it’s nature so we encourage you to jump in today while the offer is still available.

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3 simple steps to claim this bonuses:

  1. Get Fbk App Club  ==> Special Link Here
  2. After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at: edentran.info@gmail.com
  3. You will receive the bonuses by email within 24 hours

Be quickly, Only 20 First Persons Can Get This BONUSES.


Thank you for reading my Fbk App Club Review. Best wishes to you, Cheers!

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