FB Magic Bar Review

FB Magic Bar Review Bonuses

There is a WordPress Page out there in the community that has been generating a little bit of buzz!

You see the owners of this blog created their own software to redirect their visitors to their money page!

The page that pays the bills!

When you see this plugin working you’re going to laugh your “butt” off…

Some will say it’s sneaky, others will say… wow that’s pretty clever!

It doesn’t really matter… you see the end result is… it get’s the click!

This plugin has been on this blog since October… it was a little experiment

It was the made available to just a few people that the owners knew privately!

Now, you can pick up this plugin as well!

What is FB Magic Bar ?

Watch this video...

FB Magic Bar – Main Feature

FB Magic Bar is wordpress plugin will be set up in less than two minutes . Nothing complicated simple stupid

  • Total control : You decide if you want the FB Magic Bar deployed on just your home page or all of your wordpress pages
  • Decide how to display : You can make your URL open in the same window or a new window
  • Simply input your URL : All that is required for you to do is input the URL that you want the URL redirected to, when they click the FB Magic Bar
  • Instant/Delayed action : You can decideif you want the FB Magic Bar deployed immediately or if you want there to be a delay
  • Activate sounds: When the FB Magic Bar is deployed there is a notification sound that takes place as well, you have the option to disable that sound
  • Activate Search : The FB Magic bar also has real search bar, it’s up to you if you choose to activate that search


The cool thing is, all of those ACTIONS lead back to the notification bar. They have trained and conditioned the world to pay close attention to that bar up above and your customers will do the same.

  • 510,414 Comments – Remember this is every minute. and every time there is a comment made, there is a notification made. Thank you Facebook!
  • 382,861 Post Likes – This seems to be the back bone of Facebook. The likes… and when somebody clicks that like button you get a notification. It call comes back to that bar!
  • 231,605 Messages Sent – Where do we go to check our messages in Facebook? We go to the notification bar. You see with every action Facebook has made, they lead us back to that bar!
  • 135,849 Photo’s added – This is probably one of the biggest photo sharing sites in the world, and of course it goes without saying, the notification bar tells us when our friends have loaded photos!
  • 98,604 Friendships approved – Even James Earl Jones had to jump in on the Friendship Revolution on Facebook… why because it is EPIC! We receive notifications all day long for new friends.
  • 82,557 Status Updates – Every single time anybody makes a change or a status update to their profile, we hear that sound and we see that bar light up? Should I keep going?
  • 79,364 Wall Posts – That’s almost 80,000 wall posts created a minute! That is INSANE! We’ve all see that little notice that says “just created a post” and what do we do? We click that bar of course :)
  • 74,204 Event Invites Received – Finally last but not least, it seems as if there is a new Facebook Event taking place every single day. Well actually there is almost 75,000 events taking place every minute! You guessed it they are all leading to that fancy little bar at the top of our screen. Once again… Thank you Facebook!

Why Choose FB Magic Bar ?

Each completed project makes us even more hungry, hungry for more designs, more code and at least some more twinkies. As a result we deliver a better web experience.



Now is your chance to pick up the FB Magic Bar before the price of this Amazing plugin is increased! Click the below BUTTON to get Instant Access to the FB Magic Bar

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3 simple steps to claim this bonuses:

  1. Get FB Magic Bar  ==> Special Link Here
  2. After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at: edentran.info@gmail.com
  3. You will receive the bonuses by email within 24 hours

Be quickly, Only 20 First Persons Can Get This BONUSES.


Thank you for reading my FB Magic Bar Review. Best wishes to you, Cheers!

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